Hospital Textile

Our health care range of linen is designed to meet the stringent requirement demanded by Hospitals, Nursing and Care Homes. Our product range includes

  • Hydrogen Bleached and Cold Bleached white fabric with thermos fixed (180-210C).
  • Sanforized (shrinkage controlled) at 95 degree chlorine washing.
  • Pigment Dyed and Vat Dyed Fabric.
  • Hospital sheets and pillows with vat dyed colour strips in both selvedge.
  • Draw Sheets.
  • Patient Gowns (white, dyed and printed with laces and snaps).
  • Operation Gowns.
  • Nurse Uniforms.
  • Stature Sheets.
  • Embroidery sheets.
  • Rotary Logo Printed Sheets.
  • Heat Transfer Logo print on Sheets.