Home Textile

Charcoal, dove, pebble and stone come together to form a palette and a language all their own. Like the fog rolling in and covering the sky grey has begun to cover everything from couture to curtains. Shades of grey are simultaneously background, motif and texture. Hints of accent color have been creeping in in the form of coral and summer green but they are mere party guests. Grey is it’s own best company.

Sometimes the simplest of objects can evoke fresh ideas. The delicacy of the flowers, combined with the handwritten information on worn paper can create ideas for design & planning, both inside and outside of your home. Neutrals and subtle colors which have vintage appeal. Personal details are what make a house a home.

Jamal Fabrics is much more than a collection of beautiful linen. It is a feeling of classic elegance that brings a room into a magical life. Design, color and embroideries interact with each other that delight the eye and intrigue the imagination. Jamal Fabrics creates woven linen to satisfy individuals who have a passionate vision, and love life.

Jamal Fabrics perfectly integrates your personal desire with unique style for an environment that makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and most importantly provides a perfect night sleep.